Competition Date:-


Please allow at least 15 minutes to register and get to your allotted tee.
(Don't forget to sign into the competition before playing)

Remember you should be on the tee 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

If you can't play on the day  please telephone the Pro-Shop on 01342 844443
and let them know, so that your tee time can be re-allocated - THANK YOU

Not on the Start Sheet and you wish to play, put your name at the bottom of the start sheet.
Come early because an early time may have become available.

The R&A Rules of Golf, Rule 6-3. Time of Starting and Groups

permits the Competition Committee to  impose penalty shots
or disqualification on player who fail to Tee off on time.


Members are reminded that they must enter their scores promptly on the PC after competing,
even if they have had a bad round or a no-return.

SLOW PLAY :-     9 Holes should take no more than 2 hours
Please follow these simple suggestions :-
1) If you can't score in a Stableford Competition PICK-UP.
2) In Medal Competitions if your ball may be lost play a
PROVISIONAL before going to look for it.
3) Allow the following group to PLAY THROUGH if you loose ground on the group in front.