CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016- 


When moving from another Club your handicap can be transferred to Horne Park upon receipt of a  recent Handicap Certificate or EGU CDH  ID number.

New members requiring a Handicap are to submit  cards for 54 holes of golf , these can be 3 X 18 holes,
6 X 9 holes or any combination. However the preferred submission would contain at least 2 x 18 hole cards. They must be played at
Horne Park (preferably over a Measured Course) before a handicap can be issued. .
All cards must be submitted within a six month period.

a) Cards must be dated and clearly marked 'For Handicap'.  (See below)
b) Player's name to be printed as Player A
c) Marker's name to be printed as Marker/Player D. The Marker must be a Club Member with a CONGU handicap.
d) Both the player and marker must sign the completed card.
e) The card should then be put into Handicap Secretary's box.

If the above procedure is not followed the cards will not be accepted. 

Handicaps are usually issued within 7/10 days of the last card being submitted.

If, when all amendments have been made in accordance with Section 16.3 (a) and the player still does not meet the requirements to justify an Exact Handicap of 28 men or 36 ladies, the Handicap Committee may at their discretion allocate an Exact Handicap of 28 [36] Section 16.3 (c).

However, the Handicap Committee reserves the right to refuse to allocate a handicap if in their opinion a suitable playing standard has not been attained. Section 16.3 (d).

Junior Handicaps will be issued and reviewed in line with the recommendations set out in Appendix J of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2016-   .

A Club Handicap between 29 - 54 will be issued to Juniors under 14 years of age, who are unable to complete a full 18 holes of golf providing they submit three 9 hole cards. For very young juniors this may be further reduced to three 6 hole cards.

Handicap Secretary

1st January 2016