Maintaining your Handicap

From January 1st 2016 only golfers who have returned at least 3 qualifying score cards in the previous calendar year will have their handicap marked "c" Competition. Any golfer without a Competition "c"  suffix will be unable to play in some Club Competitions.
The Competition "c" suffix will be reinstated once score cards for 54 holes have been returned to the Handicap Committee.

The different ways to Maintain your Handicap

1.    Play in Qualifying Competitions.

Check your Members Diary/Website for forthcoming 9 and 18 hole qualifying competitions.

2.    Submit Supplementary Scorecards.

         Supplementary score cards can be submitted by all Handicap Categories* and can be played over 9 or 18 holes.
          However to regain "c" Competition status, score cards for 54 holes (any combination) are required.
          Categories 2 & above can enter up to 10 supplementary scorecards (Stroke play) per year.
          For handicaps of 28/36 to 54 the number is unlimited, but in all cases only one can be entered per week.

         *Category 1 players are only allowed to return Supplementary Scorecards during the months of September through
            to February each year, and only enough to retain a "competition" handicap status.

How to submit Supplementary Scorecards - Clause 21 (Revised January 2016)

Before you Play:-
 Fill out your card (see below) have it signed & dated in the Pro-Shop, enter your Name & Date in the Supplementary Scorebook.

After Playing:-
 Sign your card and place in the Handicap Secretary’s box. Any cards not returned will be treated as a 'Competition No Return', with resulting increase of  0.1 to your handicap.

Please Note:-
Course must set up as  for a normal Qualifying Competition. i.e. measured course, medal tee (red/yellow), and played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

Please be aware that when WINTER RULES are in force the course may not qualify as a " Measured Course". To qualify the course must not be shortened by more than 100 yards overall. If possible play from RED or Yellow plates.

 Note:- If your card is not correctly completed it will not be processed.

If the score returned indicates you have played below your handicap you must  SELF CUT until the result has been officially recorded with the Handicap Committee.

Failure to do so may result in DISQUALIFICATION from a future competition.

Handicap Secretary

1st January 2017