CONGU Unified Handicapping System 2018 : - Part 4 Handicapping

Supplementary Score Cards

How to submit Supplementary Score Cards - Clause 21 (Revised January 2018)
  • Category 1 players may now return up to three  18 Hole Supplementary Scores to regain 'competition' handicap status, these should be returned between 1st September and the 31st December. See Clause 21.4
  • Players with handicaps in Categories 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 may now return an unlimited number of Supplementary Scores each season, and the restriction of only one supplementary scorecard per week is lifted.
Before you Play: -  Fill out your card (see below) have it signed & dated in the Pro-Shop, enter your Name & Date in the Supplementary Score Register held in the pro-shop then: -

After Playing: -  Sign your card and place in the Handicap Secretary’s box. Any cards not returned will be treated as a 'Competition No Return', with resulting increase of  0.1 to your handicap.
Please Note: - Course must set up as  for a normal Qualifying Competition. i.e. measured course, medal tee (red/yellow), and played in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf.

Please be aware that when WINTER RULES are in force the course may not qualify as a " Measured Course" check in the pro-shop before playing. To qualify the course must not be shortened by more than 100 yards overall. If possible play from RED or Yellow plates.
Note:- If your card is not correctly completed it will not be processed.

If the score returned indicates you have played below your handicap you must  SELF CUT  [link] until the result has been officially recorded with the Handicap Committee.

Failure to do so may result in DISQUALIFICATION from a future competition.

Additional information can be found on the club website - Handicapping

Handicap Secretary

1st January 2018